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Tactical Communications, Sensors, Surveillance
Modtech communications, sensor, and surveillance products are unparalleled tactical solutions for the toughest security challenges. SIPSScalable Intelligent Power System TM lightweight, high-energy lithium ion technology is the key. ...
Scalable Intelligent Power Systems SIPSScalable Intelligent Power System TM represents a versatile technology tool for integrated risk management in all energy dependent critical missions. Scalability and network manageability make SIPSScalable Intelligent Power System the ideal energy platform for demanding C4ISRCommand, Control, Communications, Computers,
Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance
and strategic deterrence missions. Lightweight, high-energy lithium ion storage provides tremendous advantages supporting the individual warfighter's and forward operating unit's dynamic energy requirements.
Energy Storage and Management
Modtech SIPSScalable Intelligent Power System TM Scalable Intelligent Power System is network-manageable technology supporting advanced infrastructure and tactical applications. Its modular design enables flexible configurations that meet application requirements and upgrade readily in the field when those requirements change. Standardization enables multiple applications to share battery and power conversion components and eliminates the need for application specific software. ...
Modtech SIPSScalable Intelligent Power System TM Scalable Intelligent Power System advanced energy platform powers medical equipment such as patient chairs, tables, lifts, ventilators, infusion pumps, and more. The hot swap battery packs ensure equipment will be ready when required achieving 100% service duty cycle. The quick-connect-disconnect technology means no wires and a foolproof connection every time, and lithium-ion batteries mean no harmful lead, cadmium, sulfuric acid, or explosive hydrogen. SIPSScalable Intelligent Power System is lightweight, safe, and quiet power for all medical applications.
Project and Engineering Services
Modtech has engineered advanced world class products and solutions for global companies since 1980. Our clients are names you know well - TRW, British Telecom, Milwaukee Electric Tool, Motorola, Keithley Instruments, and Universal Electronics to name a few. Engineering services include mechanical, electrical, software, and system engineering. Application specialties include power and battery systems, DSPDigitial Signal Processing, and embedded controls. Whenever tight schedules and aggressive requirements exceed project resources, Modtech can supply the project and engineering services needed to get the job done.
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