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Scalable Intelligent Power Systems SIPSScalable Intelligent Power System TM aligns with the Energy Strategy recommendations of the Defense Science Board Task Force representing a versatile technology tool for integrated risk management in all energy dependent critical missions. Scalability and network manageability make SIPSScalable Intelligent Power System the ideal energy platform for demanding C4ISRCommand, Control, Communications, Computers,
Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance
and strategic deterrence missions. Lightweight, high-energy lithium ion storage provides tremendous advantages supporting the individual warfighter's and forward operating unit's dynamic energy requirements.

Power systems with energy storage from 100 Wh to 100 kWh, with power from 100 W to 12 kW, with DC and AC inputs including wind, solar, and vehicle, and with DC and AC outputs are readily configured using COTSCommercial off-the-Shelf SIPSScalable Intelligent Power System building blocks.

SIPSScalable Intelligent Power System power products have already been selected to power deployable wireless network and surveillance applications in frigid, high latitude environments and for FOBForward Operating Base hybrid power support in harsh desert climes. Contact a SIPS Specialist today to discuss your most demanding power applications and learn about the many advantages SIPSScalable Intelligent Power System bring to your missions.

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