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Modtech SIPSScalable Intelligent Power System TM Scalable Intelligent Power System is network-manageable technology supporting the energy requirements of advanced infrastructure and tactical applications. Scalable energy configurations from 100 Wh to 100 kWh are supported optimizing cost, volume, and weight in diverse applications. SIPSScalable Intelligent Power System modular design enables flexible configurations meeting application requirements and upgrading readily when those requirements change. Standardization enables diverse applications to share SIPSScalable Intelligent Power System battery and power conversion components and eliminates the need for application specific software.

The EM-100 and EM-1000 lithium-ion battery packs are the building blocks for SIPSScalable Intelligent Power System energy storage. Power I/O is configured by selecting from available, high-efficiency AC-DC, DC-DC, or DC-AC converters. Management using any popular wired or wireless network protocol is supported. A PC and web browser is all that is needed to manage SIPSScalable Intelligent Power System - no software to load. If desired, integration with existing NMSNetwork Management System is straightforward using SIPSScalable Intelligent Power System rich application programmer interface (API).

Please explore COTSCommercial off-the-Shelf solutions under Products and Applications, and please contact a SIPS Specialist to discuss an energy storage and management system for your application.

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