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Annex O
NFPA code addressing in-building public safety radio enhancement systems.
See Modtech BDA Products
BDA - Bidirectional Amplifier
FCC class A (channelized) or class B (broadband) signal booster which amplifies a range of radio frequencies to allow the signal to travel farther or penetrate objects better.
See Modtech BDA Products
Patent pending system which allows rapid charging of batteries in cold environments.
CLCS - Cabinet Level Charging System
System capable of quickly recharging entire energy subsystems.
DHS - Department of Homeland Security
DOT - U.S. Department of Transportation
EM - Energy Module
Basic energy unit such as a battery pack.
ESS - Energy Subsystem
Array of energy modules under common intelligent control.
FEMA - Federal Emergency Management Agency
IATA - International Air Transport Association
In-building Communication
A radio communication scenario when one device inside a structure is trying to communicate with another device outside the structure. Radio devices include cell phones, public safety portable radios, and wireless networks. Structures include buildings, underground parking garages, mines, tunnels, and other man made or naturally occurring structures. A device such as Modtech's SIPS-BDA can be used to solve in-building communications problems.
kWh - Kilowatt-hour
1,000 Watt-hours
Patent pending charge algorithm which optimizes battery cycle life.
NFPA - National Fire Protection Association
PCCU - Power Conversion and Control Unit
Interfaces input power sources and energy subsystems providing output power through power converters under its control.
Portable BDA
A portable battery operated bi-directional amplifier such as Modtech's SIPS-BDA.
See BDA.
Portable Signal Booster
A portable battery operated signal booster such as Modtech's SIPS-BDA.
See Signal Booster.
Radio Dead Zone
Location where radio signal power is insufficient to support communications between a radio and tower. Typical causes include geographical features or man-made structures absorbing the signal, or simply a large free space loss over a distance. A device such as Modtech's SIPS-BDA can be used to overcome radio deadzones.
Radio Interoperability
The ability for radio systems to communicate with each other through differing bands and protocols to provide seamless communication over a broader network.
Radio Repeater
A device which re-transmitts radio signals in order to extend the range of radio communications. Unlike BDA systems, repeaters may impart significant re-transmitt delay and are complex due to traffic control algorithms, and are specific and limited to a specific and possibly proprietary radio protocol. Repeaters may be prone to costly upgrade whenever rebanding or radio protocol changes occurr. A system such as Modtech's SIPS-BDA does not have these disadvantages.
Patent pending system enabling safe shipment of large energy subsystems as non-hazardous material per IATA and DOT.
Signal Booster
Device used to amplify radio frequencies.
See BDA.
Introduction to Signal Boosters by The Jack Daniel Company
SIPS - Scalable Intelligent Power System
Innovative modular power supply concept.
SIPSNET - SIPS Network Management System
Complete administration of SIPS over networks.
Vehicular Repeater
A radio repeater installed in a vehicle which is used to retransmitt radio communications from lower power transmitters which are only likely to be used within range of the repeater. For example, a police officer may use a lower power radio when within range of his or her vehicle.
Wh - Watt-hour
Unit of energy used to describe the amount of energy delivered and used by systems.
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