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SIPS - Scalable Intelligent Power Systems Architecture Summary

September 1, 2010
Modtech's SIPSScalable Intelligent Power System architecture encompasses smart energy storage, mixing, management, and distribution. Its flexible, scalable design allows applications from "Blackberries to bulldozers and beyond" to take advantage of standardized, modular energy storage. This brief presentation summarizes the SIPS architecture.
Patent Application
In-Building-Communication Apparatus and Method

January 31, 2010
An In-Building Communications system is disclosed which permits communication in tunnels, underground parking garages, tall buildings such as skyscrapers, buildings having thick walls of concrete or metal, and/or any building which has communication dead zones due to electromagnetic shielding. The invention includes a portable bi-directional amplifier (BDA) system, an outdoor antenna system attached to the building or independently mountable an indoor antenna system attached to the building or independently mountable inside the building, and a standardized, In-Building Communications (IBC) interface box affixed preferably to the exterior of the building. The interface box communicates with antenna systems attached to the building. The fire department or other emergency response personnel carry portable outdoor and indoor antenna systems and a portable, lithium-ion battery powered, bi-directional amplifier (BDA) system which may be connected to the building during an event such as a fire, earthquake, or an act of terrorism or whenever radio coverage enhancement is required. The portable BDA system is simply connected to the standardized, IBC interface box and powered thus restoring communications within.
Cleveland State University MCE 450
MCE 450 Design Project I

September 15, 2009
Modtech was invited to present design project ideas to the MCE 450 Design Project I class at Cleveland State University's Fenn College of Engineering.
Cleveland Engineering Society
Rebooting American Manufacturing

January 22, 2009
"How can we reboot American manufacturing, and what role will Cleveland play?" Modtech weighs in with their new technology platform for energy storage and management.
Scalable Intelligent Power Supply System and Method

June 9, 2007
A scalable intelligent power-supply system and method capable of powering a defined load for a specified period of time is disclosed and claimed. Multiple external AC and DC inputs supply power to the system if available and required. An internal DC input from a back-up energy source is on board. The back-up energy source is scalable by adding additional energy cartridges such as batteries in racks mounted within frames of the system. The AC and DC inputs (including the internal DC input) are controlled, measured, sensed, and converted by circuitry controlled by the microprocessor into multiple AC and/or DC outputs. A microprocessor manages power input to, within, and output from the system. The performance of a Lithium-ion batteries used to power an automobile can be determined on the basis individual battery packs or individual battery cells within the packs. This enables the clusters or groups of Lithium ion batteries to be used in a vehicle such that these clusters operate and function as a "gas" tank or more appropriately as an "energy" tank.
Battery Pack

June 8, 2007
The ornamental design for a battery pack, as shown and described.
Patent Application
Refuelable Battery-Powered Electric Vehicle

February 8, 2007
The electrical vehicle energy storage system permits the electric refueling of the electric vehicle just like an automobile would be refueled with gasoline at a gas station. Circuitry on board the vehicle accessible by the electric refueling station enables the determination of the energy content of the battery module or modules returned to the electric refueling station and the owner of the vehicle is given credit for the energy remaining in the battery module or modules which have been exchanged. Selective refueling may take place for given battery modules by removing them from the battery system and charging them at home, office or factory. A process for operating an electric vehicle is also disclosed and claimed.
Patent Application
Lightweight Cordless Security Camera

February 8, 2007
The present invention is a lightweight, cordless security camera comprising a lightweight stand or tripod, a video camera with pan, tilt, and zoom articulation and an audio microphone, a wireless networking interface enabling wireless access to the camera controls, video, and audio data streams, an antenna enabling transmission and reception of the aforementioned data via the aforementioned wireless networking interface, and a lightweight, battery power supply providing power to the video camera and wireless networking system. The lightweight, battery power supply includes one or more quickly coupled and uncoupled lightweight batteries which can be easily and quickly interchanged to provide continuous power to the security camera. This enables security forces such as police and military forces to safely and continuously monitor and surveil areas including crime scenes and combat theaters.
Patent Application
Cordless Power Supply

February 8, 2007
A cordless power supply comprising a battery, a power conversion unit, a first standard coupling half permanently affixed to the power conversion unit and a second standard coupling half which reciprocally mates with the first standard coupling half is disclosed and claimed. The second standard coupling half includes a first interengaging half and a second interengaging half. The first interengaging half being standardly engageable with the first standard coupling half permanently affixed to the power conversion unit. The second interengaging half is interengageable with a specific battery. The battery may be a dual use cordless tool battery or an original equipment battery. Alternatively, a cordless power supply comprising an interchangeable adapter may be mounted on the power conversion unit for interconnection with a plurality of batteries. Alternatively, a cordless power supply comprising an adapter integral with the power conversion unit may be used with a specific battery type.
Patent Application
Battery Pack Safety and Thermal Management Apparatus and Method

February 8, 2007
A process of controlling the temperature of a battery pack includes the steps of determining the operating mode and present temperature of the battery pack. Optimal temperature for the battery pack depends on the operating mode and the difference between the present temperature and the previously identified optimal temperature. The battery pack is warmed if the temperature difference (measured minus optimal) is large. The optimal time interval over which the battery pack should be warmed is a function of the operating mode and the previously calculated temperature difference. A heater is switchably operated enabling and disabling the heat generating element to warm the pack to the previously identified optimal temperature.
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