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Modtech SIPSScalable Intelligent Power System TM Scalable Intelligent Power System advanced energy platform benefits a growing range of applications.

Emphasizing lightweight, high-energy lithium ion technology, Modtech SIPSScalable Intelligent Power System leads the industry in tactical solutions for in-building communications, sensors, surveillance, and robotic applications. Equipment rental and services are available. Please see for tunnel and building radio solutions.

Advanced energy storage solutions are achieved using SIPSScalable Intelligent Power System embedded web server technology and standardized, modular architecture.

SIPSScalable Intelligent Power System modularity, intelligence, and network manageability bring new levels of safety and efficiency to medical equipment applications.

Tight schedules and aggressive requirements often exceed project resources. Look to Modtech for the project and engineering services needed to meet requirements.

Please explore Business Areas and contact a SIPS Specialist to visualize how emerging energy opportunities are captured using Modtech SIPSScalable Intelligent Power System.

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