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SOLARBIKEModtech Corp SOLARBIKE - Tactical Recharging System
Modtech Corp SOLARBIKE - Tactical Recharging SystemSOLARBIKE - Tactical Recharging System
Modtech Corp SOLARBIKE - Tactical Recharging System - Power Panel
Modtech Corp SOLARBIKE - Tactical Recharging System - Power PanelSOLARBIKE - Tactical Recharging System - Power Panel
Tactical Recharging System
SOLARBIKE is a mobile appliance-recharging system invaluable in many circumstances including brownout, disaster relief, emergency response, special event, forward operating; anywhere people rely on critical electronics and cannot access electric power. Many devices can be recharged at the same time because each SOLARBIKE has 48 universal AC and DC outlets. Devices SOLARBIKE recharges include cell phones, smart phones, tablets, laptops, public safety portable radios, work lights, emergency lights, medical devices, digital cameras, and many more. Line powered devices can also be powered by SOLARBIKE.

SOLARBIKE is safe: no combustible fuel, no fumes or exhaust gases, no lead, acid, cadmium, or other hazardous materials, no harm.

SOLARBIKE captures and stores energy from the sun whenever available. Supplemental refueling is accomplished with grid, generator, vehicle, or just about any alternative AC or DC electrical source. When you need electricty but can't access it, SOLARBIKE delivers it to you. It's pizza delivery for hungry electronics. Contact a SIPS specialist to learn more about SOLARBIKE today.

Power System
• Charge devices from AC outlets • Pure sine wave quality power
• Charge devices from DC outlets • Continuously captures available solar energy
• Refuel from AC line power • Refuel from AC generator power
• Refuel from DC vehicle power • Lightweight Lithium Ion power system
• Hot swappable power modules • Refuel instantly swapping modules
• Power modules can be hand-carried • Power modules useable in standalone mode
• Easy maintenance

• 26" wheels all around • Kevlar belted pneumatic tires
• 3-speed transmission • Rear coaster brake
• Front brake with parking lock • LED headlight and taillight
• Extra loud electric horn • Undercover storage for accessory equipment
• 34" W x 76" L x 76" H

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